KMC Communciations and corporate communications and Kathleen Connolly

Communications that drive your business:

Sales goals, corporate environment and strategic positioning are all critical ingredients in creating a targeted communications program, but fundamentally all communications should have the same impact - they should drive your business.

Every successful plan or project begins at the end - with a clear picture of your company's goals and objectives. Which stakeholders or customers need to be motivated to take action? What attributes differentiate your company and what message will resonate with each target audience?

Keeping your business goals front and center, KMC Communications develops fully integrated communications programs, manages individual program elements and integrates and refines existing programs, messaging and materials.

With more than 15 years of corporate and agency experience in consumer and business-to-business fields, KMC Communications principal Kathleen Connolly has worked closely with executives, associates and customers. She excels at strategic planning and positioning, and has a keen understanding of business strategy.

Dynamic communications bring corporate vision to life and make the difference between a proactive, successful environment and a stagnant one.

KMC Commmunications is committed to creating communications that drive your business and help you exceed your goals.